Acne and Types of Fatty Acids

  • Mar, 30 , 18
  • Bridgett Gordon

Acne is a skin condition that develops due to excessive amounts of oils produced by the skin. The Sebaceous glands produces sebum which is good thing because it protects the skin from infection and prevents water loss. However, too much of a good thing is not so great. Too much sebum production causes Acne.

Main Features of Acne Type Skin are increased levels of sebum, clogged pores, inflammation and the presence of the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes).

Whipped Butters are for everyone but those with Acne prone skin would do best avoiding butters that are high in Oleic Fatty Acids. Butters high in Oleic Acid tend to create an environment that causes increased clogged pores, inflammation and sebum production.

Whipped Butters high in Linoleic Acid reduce inflammation and don’t have a tendency to clog pores. Studies have shown that those with acne have reduced levels of Linoleic Fatty Acids in their skin. Whipped Pumpkin Seed Oil Butter and Rose Hip Butter are two body butters that are low in Oleic Acid and High in Linoleic Acid.