Aging- Wrinkled Skin Types- and What to do About it!

  • Apr, 02 , 18
  • Bridgett Gordon

Aging, the process of moving through the cycles of life, begins the moment we are born! One of the key factors that determines how you age is your skin care regimen.

First, let’s define skin which is aging:

  • Declining effectiveness of the dermal and epidermal layers of the skin (Wrinkles, sagging and coarse texture)
  • Decreased Elasticity due to decreases in collagen production
  • Shortening of the Ends of the Chromosomes (Telomeres)
  • Decreased Production of Sebum

Wrinkled Skin Types

Wrinkled Skin Types should focus on moisturization and maintaining collagen. To maintain Collagen using products with ingredients that contain mild cleansers (surfactants) and increase moisturization by using high quality butters and oils. A well made facial foaming cleanser will also serve as a moisturizer by including a humectant to attract water to the skin layers.

Wrinkled Skin Types should focus on treating skin roughness by using products with ingredients that contain smoothing agents like panthenol because of its ability to soften skin and improve the appearance.

Wrinkled Skin Types should be mindful of exfoliating products. This skin type should focus on using light exfoliants to remove superficial layers of the skin.

Wrinkled Skin Types should focus on products that contain Vitamin A. Vitamin A stimulates fibroblast keeping skin healthy and firm.  Rosehips and Carrot Seed Oil provide healthy doses of Vitamin A.