Pentavitin: A Solution for Urban Skin

  • Apr, 16 , 18
  • Bridgett Gordon


The idea of urban skin is a relatively new phenomenon. However, urban skin has increasingly become a worldwide concern. Urban skin is defined as changes in the skin’s natural hydration due to environmental pollution.

High levels of particulate matter in Urban areas worldwide is causing consumers to complain about sensitive and dry skin conditions. A consumer research group, funded by DSM, identified 75% of Chinese women concerned with dry skin resulting in 44% of the women to add more skincare products to daily regimes to control symptoms. In the US, the concerns of dry skin are the same particularly in areas where counties have elevated levels of air pollution.

Urban skin is problematic for all skin types. Skin Hydration technology provides scientific evidence proving the effects of pollution levels on skin hydration. This new knowledge gives consumers the power to make better informed skin care choices. So what’s the best course of action to protect your skin from urban environments?

Hydration. The solution is to not only to moisturize the skin with the right products but to also prevent further dehydration by reducing transepidermal water loss. A relatively new skin bioactive, Pentavitin, functions as a moisture regulator. Pentavitin connects with the skin and binds itself like a magnet to prevent dehydration. Pentavitin may also be an ingredient that is useful for formulations which contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids because it reduces irritation and dryness associated with the usage of AHA’s. Pentavitin is vegan friendly and preservative free.