Tips For Best Skin!

  • Oct, 28 , 18
  • Bridgett Gordon

Skincare really isn't that difficult to understand. There are a few basic areas that need to be covered. Now, I have had pretty decent skin my whole life but since my Lupus auto-immune disease has become active, it has sort of changed the game for what I can and can not do. 

With my own individual situation here are the main things that keep me from developing skin with excessive rash issues:

1. Stay out of the sun!!! I can't stress how important this is to all of us. Yes, even those of us with darker skin should heed this warning. My first encounter with photosensitive skin symptoms developed a few weeks ago. I had enough energy to hop on the riding lawn mower and cut the grass. About an hour or so into this task, I felt a tingling and burning sensation on my face that I had never experienced before in my life. 

I quickly went inside and noticed a nice size rash developing on the left cheek of my face. As a cosmetic chemist, I quickly understand that this was inflammation and I needed to get it under control. So, I got some hemp seed oil along with other anti-inflammatory extracts like chamomile and kakadu plum extract and blended together and applied to my face. The next day the rash had reduced by 50%. Within a week it was gone. 

Even if you don't have Lupus or photosensitve skin, stay out of the sun and wear a sunscreen when you are in the sun. 

2. The skin needs moisture and everyone thinks ok great put some water on my face but not so fast. That's simply not enough. Not only do you need moisture but the skin must stay hydrated and the moisture needs a barrier to stay sealed and in place.






3. Which leads to using a great humectant in your products. A humectant simply attracts water. Things like honey, glycerin and royal jelly are my go to for attracting water. 


4. If you are older like myself, then you need those proteins and collagen to help fight aging and rebuild the skin's deepest layers. I love vegetable based proteins and collagen sources. I like to think of these things as food for the skin or skin-food. 

5. Finally, all of this goodness needs to stay in the skin so that you can stay all glowy and dewy and hydrated. Yes this is possible even for Lupies! I believe in using the best oils that are non-comedogenic and won't clog pores. I also believe in making sure my oils that I use to seal in the goodness are antiaging in nature. You simply can't go wrong with a night serum that contains rosehips, carrot seed, pumpkin seed or pomegranate oil. 

So there you have it! Don't fall for smoke and mirrors when it comes to skincare. I will share some simple night oil recipes later this week.