Best Wear for the Cold Outdoors

  • Oct, 28 , 18
  • Bridgett Gordon


So, here are some basics for fall and winter. My main focus are comfortably getting up in the morning and warming up. So, living with Lupus means that it takes me a while to get going. I'm focusing on making sure my warm up time lessens because I need to get out of the house and get my early walk on before the sun comes up!



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I absolutely LOVE these fur slippers from Neiman Marcus. Usually in the morning the first walk feels like walking on rocks but these slippers provide firmness and softness to get me moving rather fast! 

My pick for winter slaying are my warm cuddly Nike jacket and waterproof boots. The jacket has big deep pockets and the boots provide cushioning warmth and they keep the water off of my feet. I can walk comfortably every morning for 5 miles and return home before I get started blogging, decorating and just being an all around fantastic person.