Benefits of Watermelon Seed Oil

  • Mar, 29 , 18
  • Bridgett Gordon

Watermelon Seed Oil: The New Secret to Beautiful Skin

Watermelon seed oil is extracted by pressing from the seeds of the Citrullus lanatus. This oil has been used for cooking by native people of Kalahari Desert, although now it has crossed over into the cosmetic world. Great for removing dark circles, youthful skin, good for hyperpigmentation, skin detoxification.

Why it Works:

Dark Circles: Works great for reducing and removing dark circles because it contains vitamin E which is great for dark circle removal. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and it promotes blood circulation to the area.

Detoxification: Watermelon seeds have detoxification properties and this is because it has numerous vitamins and minerals (listed above). Apply it on the skin and it can remove impurities leaving your skin feeling cleansed and refreshed. Using watermelon seed oil in your daily skin regimen by incorporating it as a face Scrub could also be beneficial.

Hyperpigmentation: The minerals and acids in watermelon seed oil can help with hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tone. Watermelon seed oil is good for oily skin. It reduces skin oil on the skin by dissolving it away. . As a result, the skin is much less oily after application with watermelon seed oil and washing it. This fact is helpful for skin conditions that are aggravated by excessive oil production like acne

Moisturizer: Watermelon seed oil can be used as a moisturizer or skin butter due to its light consistency it is easily absorbed into the skin and leaves a nice sheen. Watermelon seed oil blends well with other nutty oils because of its slightly nutty aroma.

So, if you are looking for an oil that won’t leave you with a greasy feeling, but still leaves you feeling moisturized watermelon seed oil will be your best friend!