Ross Organic Core Beliefs

  • Apr, 22 , 18
  • Bridgett Gordon

Intelligent People Choose Intelligent Ingredients

The Ross Organic technical team created the core beliefs of Intelligent Ingredients. Choosing cheap products are not always a good investment. In the long run that “value” product may be costing more in terms of depressing local economies, negatively impacting the earth and perhaps causing you to show visible signs of aging faster. The question you need to ask when examining product labels for ingredients is “What does this save?”

The Core Benefits of Intelligent Ingredients:

Sustainable - How is this ingredient sourced and can it be maintained responsibly?

Significant Value Added - Are the ingredients multifunctional?

Biodegradable or Earth Friendly - Are biodegradable profiles available for the ingredient?

Value to the Consumer - Can the consumer tell the benefits of the ingredient through sense of touch or feel?

Ingredients backed by science - Does clinical testing provide evidence to prove function and performance of the ingredient?

Sourced Naturally or 100%Natural - Are the ingredients genuinely 100% natural, naturally sourced or a hybrid synthetic/natural?

The greatest political statement that we can possibly make is with how we decide to spend our money. Intelligent ingredients make it easier for all of the players in the cosmetics supply chain, from product developers to consumers, to make the best socially and environmentally responsible cosmetic choices.