The Remarkable Seed From Down Under

  • Apr, 14 , 18
  • Bridgett Gordon

Aboriginal traditions and medicine inspired Westcorp, an Australian based Company, to discover the potential uses for the Australian Sandalwood tree seed crop. After 9 years, researchers at Wescorp extracted the fatty oil from Sandalwood seed and identified its amazing benefits.

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Scientist validated what the Aboriginal people of Australia have known all along:

    • It’s rich in nourishing elements for skin and hair

    • It reduces sebum secretion  which makes it great for oily and acne prone skin

    • Benefits aging and maturing skin

    • Contains Ximenynic Acid, an unusual fatty acid with anti-inflammatory properties

    • Improves dermal blood circulation

Paying homage to the Aboriginal people, Westcorp uses a portion of Sandalwood Seed Oil sales to benefit Aboriginal youth groups. In addition, Kworp marr, manager of the youth program, created a training and employment program that trains and employs the Aboriginal people to harvest the Sandalwood Seed. The youth program also provides workshops for Aboriginal youth to embrace and understand their rich cultural inheritance.