Let me start off by saying I’m just a huge fangirl of Diane Von Furstenberg. Every collection speaks to the woman I practice becoming everyday. The lines, the colors, the attitude of the clothing gives the DVF brand global appeal. DVF is on trend but at the same time very classic. As a middle age woman, my clothing has come to represent who I am so that when I walk through the door, there is no mistaking that I am confident and progressive. When I learned that DVF was taking a new direction from my daily briefing of Business of Fashion, I had to get inside of her headspace.

Out with the old and in with the new Chief Executive, Sandra Campos. Campos guided brands like Juicy Couture, BCBG and Bebe as the former co-president of Global Brands Group. DVF is trying to find its identity in the direct to consumer model that has been influenced by the rise of social media marketing.

DVF speaks of her own personal brand when she says “Empowering women is something I’ve always done. It’s not a marketing tool.” Personally, the message resonates strongly. The design of the collections, the diversity of models in both her Fashion Week showings and website create a feeling of inclusive sisterhood. DVF clothing represents a small luxury that every progressive woman should have in their possession. The campaign #incharge includes women of various walks of life and professions celebrating their destinies, careers and personal choices.

Annually, through the DVF awards program, women are honored who display courage, the will to fight and leadership skills. Five awards of 50,000 are given to these women to continue the important work of their non-profit organizations. 

Campos is focused on keeping the multigenerational customer base that is well established and expand the base.