Green Cosmetics is one of the buzziest spaces on the internet at the moment. But what exactly defines green cosmetics.

Although guidelines are loosely defined, the FTC has published guidelines to clarify what exactly makes a cosmetic agent natural or green in terms of marketing.

Sustainable and green cosmetics are produced from natural ingredients which are sourced from renewable raw materials. Bio-based oleochemicals are at the heart of green cosmetics.  Oleochemicals are derived from renewable bacteria and plant sources.


Oleochemicals Coveted by Cosmetic Developers:

Natural Oils are a top ingredient because they can create natural chemical surfactants. Locating sustainable sources of Palm Oil and Coconut Oil are important considerations in new product development.

Agricultural Plants like corn and soybeans can be sustainably and inexpensively sourced to create green emulsifiers, biocatalysts, and surfactants.

Bacteria have exciting prospects to become the star of green cosmetics. Currently, deinococcus bacteria is being used as a natural pigment and aromatic.Plant Therapy Essential Oils

To wrap it all up, green cosmetics are the future and aren’t going away. The potential for smaller cosmetic brands creating green cosmetics to make their mark is exceptional.