The Perception of Fashion Through Handbags


Whether it’s Gucci, Chanel, Prada, new, fake, or gently-used one things is true about our treasured purses: we love them. Handbags have become an expression of who we are and where we belong. It is one of the most visible fashion accessories and is used as a symbol of ourselves.

Some people spend anywhere between 100-2,000 on these statement pieces and view them as serious investments. Although some designer bags do not have the infamous logo printed on them, sporting a Chanel bag automatically sends a loud message of economic status. The same way that people buy exotic cars and expensive jewelry, hang bag lovers are earning more money and are displaying their status to others. They choose a bag that screams, I’m high-fashion and I have money.

Having a designer bag can make you feel like a million bucks. Humans have always had a desire to belong to a group, we desire to be embraced by others and feel part of something important. An eloquent bag is a way of showing not just which group you belong to but which you aspire to. Many feel a designer bag sends a message to others that they too are a part of the “in” crowd.

Each designer bag is rooted in a story behind a designer’s collection, but also the history behind the specific brand. This heritage tied to the art of the handbag exhibits phenomenal craftsmanship. Wearing a Versace bag makes you feel connected to the brand.

We love to connect our significant purchases to positive emotions in our lives- Buying a beautiful bag after good news of a promotion will always signify an important moment.

Sydney Olishile

Beauty Editor